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Cycle of Violence

Violence in a relationship can happen over time or in an instant.


Does your relationship have any of these signs of abuse?

  • Physical abuse, including slapping, hitting, punching, pushing, shoving, choking

  • Striking with any kind of weapon/objects including a hand

  • Physically harming children

  • Sexual assault/rape

  • Threatening children

  • Disregard for welfare of children

  • Physically harming family pets

  • Degradation and humiliation

  • Isolation and confinement

  • Emotional, psychological and verbal abuse

  • Threatening language

  • Escalating arguments

  • Withdrawal of emotional or financial support

  • Attempts to control or cut off friendships or family ties

  • Increased hostility toward other friends or family

If you are experiencing any of these, please call us at 306-445-2742

Battleford Womens Shelter

A man who looks first to a woman's outer beauty will never know her beauty divine, for there is dust upon his eyes and he is blind. But a man who sees in a woman the spirit of the Great One and sees her beauty first in spirit and truth, that man will know "Divinity" in that woman. White Buffalo Calf Woman

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