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Hide Your Tracks

Follow these steps to hide your online activity 

In Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. click on 'Tools' in the top menu,

  2. select 'Internet Options'

  3. select the 'General' tab,

  4. in middle section, 'Temporary Internet Files,' click 'Delete Files,'

  5. in the bottom section, 'History,' click 'Clear History,'


In Mozilla

  1. click on 'Tools' in the top menu,

  2. select 'Options'

  3. select 'Privacy' in the left column,

  4. in 'History,' click 'Clear,'

  5. and in 'Cache,' click 'Clear'


Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome.

  2. Click on the Chrome menu icon in the top right hand corner (it looks like three lines).

  3. Choose ‘Tools’.

  4. Click on ‘Clear browsing data’.

  5. A pop up window will appear. Choose a time range to clear from the drop down list. For example, the ‘Last Four Hours’.

  6. Tick all of the boxes.



Resetting Safari clears your history and cookies. At the same time it also clears your downloads, removes any saved usernames and passwords, and clears Google or Yahoo search entries.

  1. Go to the Safari menu at top left hand screen.

  2. Click on ‘Reset Safari’.


Internet Explorer 9

  1. Click on the ‘gear’ icon in the top right hand corner of the screen. It looks like a little wheel. Then click on 'Internet Options.'

  2. This will make a box pop up with the names of several different sections along the top. You will already be in the section called 'General'.

  3. In the 'General' section under 'Browser History,' select the Delete button.

  4. Tick each box: Temporary Internet files, Cookies, History, Download History, Form data, Passwords, InPrivate Filtering data.

  5. Un-tick the ‘Preserve Favourites website data’.

  6. Click 'Delete' to clear everything.

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